2022 Home decor trendy fashion ideas!

Since the Netflix series "Queen's Gambit" started last year, the checkerboard has not only become an element of LV, Chanel, and other Luxury brand shows but it has also become the most popular pattern in Home Decor. 

Checkerboards won the favor of everyone once they were "launched". They have been used in clothing, space, and interior design. It has been reorganized, multi-colored, and deformed from its original black and white grid. Several new ideas have been expressed, which affect the fashion industry simultaneously, but also create new trends and become the most popular element today.

There's more to the "new favorite" checkerboard than you might imagine. We've carefully selected 10 checkerboard elements for your home's decor, to help you create a stylish atmosphere!

10 Checkerboard pattern home decorations:

1. The Checkerboard Collection, Scandinavian Carpet for Livingroom and Bedroom

If you are bored with the original black and which grid, this kind of area rug might be your best choice! Only this Checkerboard Mug is amazing enough to make your home on another level! 

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2. Creative Checker PVC Rug, yard entry door carpet

The irregular checkerboard shape with graffiti words street prints, which will fantasy your bathroom or entry door space!

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3. Chic Pink Checkerboard Throw Blanket, Cotton Throw Blanket

Believe me, Checkerboard elements also can make the room soft!

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4. Boutique Black&White Checkerboard Coffee Mugs

Oddly shopped handle with classic black and white checkerboard design, give the mug new life! 

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5. Classic Checkered Modern Coffee Mug Set

It's another super classical black and white checkerboard pattern coffee mug set! Enjoy your morning coffee with a stylish way!

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6. Chic Checkerboard Glasses Cup

If you wanna make drinking water in a trendy way, you must be know this water glasses!

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7.Boutique Black&White Checkerboard Tray, Dessert Plate

Still for classical  Black and Which Checkerboard pattern, that small cute oddly tray can be used in a variety of ways, such as tableware, dessert plate, jewelry tray and etc. But they all have the same goal, make the room have a good taste!

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8. Modern Fashion Checkerboard Black and White iPhone Case

Small accessories also can make your daily fashion style, with this sample original black and white checkerboard iPhone case, fashion not means complex.

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9. Morden Creative Checkerboard Black and White iPhone Case

Such the high quality and good material iPhone case with creating checkerboard design! Cannot want to dress up the new device!

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10. Vintage Classic Black and White Checkered Earrings

Last but not least recommendation, it's this lovely vintage earrings.

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